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Cat Vocalization

Cats communicate their message via sounds. You will be surprised to know that your pet cat can produce several kinds of sounds; each has its meaning. Certain cat breeds are more chatty than others, such as the Siamese, Burmese, Sphynx, and Oriental Shorthair. Cats vocalize when they feel happy, excited, frustrated, upset, hungry, or in pain. The most common cat sound is meow. The longer the meow, the stronger the emotion, while a very high-pitched meow can convey that a cat needs help. Cats purr when they either feel pain or pleasure and howl when they feel threatened. Cats also moan to attract another cat of the opposite sex for mating. To decipher what your cat is communicating and determine its mood, observe its body language while it vocalizes. If you find your cat vocalizing excessively, there could be underlying medical or behavioral reasons, which you need to consult with your vet Murrieta CA for appropriate diagnosis and treatment. 

animal hospital, pets guide, veterinarians care, vet care

Finding a new feline friend to spend your time with

You have been thinking about bringing a new feline friend into your life so you can better grasp what is necessary in order to help a furry friend thrive. This makes you wonder – how can you find a new companion to spend your time with?

Your new feline friend needs to be able to count on you to care for her day after day, so make a point to seek out a pet you can fully understand. Be available to her on a regular basis so you can not only help her thrive, but also help her to make the most of her time by your side by forming a close relationship with the family. Evaluate all the options that are out there and take the time to seek out your ideal pet so you can enjoy her companionship for many years to come. For more information, please contact your veterinarian Murrieta CA.

animal hospital, pets guide, veterinarians care, vet care

Staying Safe on the Trail With Your Dog

Heading out for a walk on the trail is great exercise for you, and it’s great for your dog too! You just have to make sure you’re both safe when you head out for a walk.

Make sure you bring your cell phone with you when you go out for a walk on a trail. Many trails are secluded, so you want to make sure help is only a phone call away if you’re approached by a stranger or if you or your dog experience an accident.

If you plan on being out for a while, make sure you bring water for you and your dog to drink so you don’t get dehydrated. A snack and treats are good ideas too.

An animal hospital Murrieta, CA would also recommend you take it easy, so you don’t pull a muscle or get injured. Schedule an appointment today!

animal hospital, pets guide, veterinarians care, vet care

Ear Infections in Dogs

Did you know that ear infections or ear aches can be common in our canine companions? If you see your dog constantly scratching at his ears or even his head, check it out and take note of other behaviors. For instance, your dog may also walk around unbalanced and even may shake his head or flap his ears like he has something in his ears. Schedule a checkup with your vet for a closer look. Your dog’s ears could be irritated or infected. Never stick anything in your dog’s ears yourself. Most ear infections start in the outer ear and move inside the ear canal. If not treated the infection can cause severe pain. Causes of ear infections include swimming, wax build up, grass seeds, ear mites, etc. Treatment usually consists of an antibiotic drop or cream depending on the type of infection. Talk with your veterinarians Murrieta, CA for treatment advice or click on the given link. https://vineyardvet.com/

animal hospital, pets guide, veterinarians care, vet care

Dog Identification

If your dog likes to explore on his own or you allow your dog to roam the open backyard or even the trails freely then make sure he has some kind of ID on for his own protection. For example, if your dog gets lost you want someone to be able to ID your dog and call and report the dog should he be found. If your dog is wearing a collar with an ID tag then the individual can call authorities with that information. ID tags can also let people know that the dog has been vaccinated for rabies and is in good health. If your dog isn’t wearing a collar or doesn’t wear a collar make sure you have him microchipped so that your contact information and your dog’s medical information can be read through a chip scanner. This can also help ID your dog and return him home much sooner. Talk to your vet Murrieta, CA to learn more.

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Can Allergies In Cats Be Treated?

Although allergies cannot be treated or eradicated, it is possible to manage allergy symptoms and prevent future flareups. When it comes to allergies in cats, there are 3 major ways to manage the problem-- removing the allergen or preventing the cat’s exposure to the allergen, treating the allergy symptoms with medications, or gradual desensitization of the cat to the specific allergen. However, before the allergen can be removed from the cat’s immediate environment or prevent the cat’s exposure to it, there is a need to undertake steps to identify the specific allergen. Unfortunately, there are many cases of allergies in which the allergen is not identified. Allergens may be airborne, protein in flea saliva, or specific food ingredient/s. Antihistamines and corticosteroids alleviate itching while suppressing the cat’s hypersensitive reaction to the allergen. If secondary bacterial infections are present, your veterinarian Murrieta, CA may prescribe a round of antibiotics.

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Can Arthritis In Dogs Be Treated Successfully?

Arthritis can have a significant impact on the dog’s quality of life. Affected dogs suffer from pain and discomfort as well as mobility and flexibility issues. Unfortunately, arthritis can’t be cured. But the good news is that the symptoms can be effectively managed. After a thorough checkup and ruling out other potential causes of lameness, your veterinarian may prescribe analgesic medications for pain alleviation. Corticosteroids may be prescribed for rheumatoid arthritis, and antibiotics for septic arthritis. While your dog is taking any of these medications, there is a need for regular monitoring of his response to the treatment thus you may need to bring your pet to a vet clinic Murrieta, CA as recommended by the vet. There are also supportive measures for alleviating signs of arthritis such as physical therapy, massage, warm compress, water therapy, and electrical therapy.