How to Wean Your Airedale Terrier Puppies

Whether your weaning Airedale Terrier puppies or another breed of puppies, it’s important to know when how to start the weaning process. The weaning process can be stressful for the mom and the puppies. Ask your vet for help setting up a timeline for weaning. Also discuss options for ways to wean the pups. Weaning basically is a time to start separating the mother from the puppies. Your vet may suggest starting out by separating the puppies from their mother for a few hours at a time. During this time you should introduce your puppies to eating out of a bowl. The separation period will help reduce the puppies’ need for their mother’s milk. Gradually increase the amount of time they are away from their mother. Each time they are separated, increase the amount of food you give to the puppies. Over time they will begin eating more on their own and become more independent. Learn more from your pet clinic San Diego, CA


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