Microchips, Cancers, And Your Pet

For the longest time, there have been misconceptions about the use of microchips and how these can lead to cancer. The wrong notion probably came from a study on mice that developed cancer when a microchip was embedded in it. However, dogs and cats are different species from mice. They are biologically different. Most importantly, the study did not successfully prove that the microchip was the cause of cancer. But because of this misconception, some pet owners are wary of using microchips. 

However, using microchips on your pet is safe. Some countries are using microchips on their pets and have enacted laws to ensure the user’s safety. Putting microchips on your pet is beneficial because you can effectively track your pet. 

Reading reliable scientific articles and experts will help you identify the steps that are good for your pets. Your skilled veterinarians Louisville KY can also provide you with good advice regarding microchip use.


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