Hair Loss (Alopecia) In Cats

You may observe that cats who are suffering from alopecia would often have bald spots scattered around their bodies. It is necessary to be able to determine the underlying reason why this is happening to your cat before being able to start treatment. Some of the causes of alopecia could be allergies to fleas, hypersensitivity reactions, mites, lice, other external parasites, and ringworms. However, it can also be a psychogenic disorder where cats would rip out their hair; this can be a psychological or behavioral disorder. The vet might suggest performing several tests on your pet to be able to confirm the initial diagnosis. Such tests may include but are not limited to skin scraping, elimination diet, changes in their diet, and bacterial or fungal culture. You can also take advantage of their grooming sessions and take the time to check thoroughly for any abnormalities in their skin or fur. 

Any sign of skin or hair coat issue should be brought to the attention of your animal hospital Bucks County, PA.


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