Caring for your dog after an injury

Your dog is a big fan of getting out into the world and having some fun, but there may be times when she isn’t exactly in the shape to do this. While she is healing from an injury is a good example of when it’s a good idea to enjoy some time at home. How can you care for her at this time?

Your pet’s veterinarian will likely offer you specific instructions to help with your pet’s healing. Stick to these by following the tasks you’ve spoken about and asking any questions you may have if something is unclear to you. Stay by your pet’s side and offer lots of love and reassurance so she knows that you are there for her. Meet her needs in augmented ways if necessary and make a point to offer her lots of your time so she feels comfortable relaxing while on the mend. For additional information, please contact your Oconomowoc, WI veterinarian.


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