Should My American Curl Walk on Icy Roads?

If you live in cold conditions in the winter then you’re probably familiar with the harsh conditions of the roadways and walkways. If you take your American Curl or other breed feline out for frequent time outdoors try to avoid surfaces that have been treated with salt or ice melt as this can be toxic to her paws. If you can’t avoid these surfaces consider buying snow shoes for your American Curl in order to protect her feet. An alternative to snow shoes would be simply cleaning your cat’s feet each time you go outdoors. When you come in from time outside simply soak your American Curl’s feet in a bowl or bath of warm water. If your cat has especially hairy paws try keeping the hair trimmed short to prevent snow and ice build-up. You can also help prevent your cat’s paws from cracking by rubbing petroleum jelly on them before going out. Call your veterinary clinic Raleigh, NC for more tips and suggestions. 


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