Can Airedale Terriers get Hernias?

You may not have known this, but dogs can actually get hernias. Like with people, a hernia in dogs is when there is a tear in the wall of muscle that allows the internal organs or other tissue behind that muscle to push through. If you suspect your Airedale Terrier may have a hernia, please visit your local veterinarian and have him check your pup right away. Some dogs can be born with a hernia while other dogs may develop hernias from an injury or trauma. There are five types of hernias in dogs which include umbilical, inguinal, diaphragmatic, perineal, and hiatal. The most obvious symptom may be a soft protruding mass in the abdomen area. Other symptoms may also include coughing, lack of appetite, drooling, shortness of breath or vomiting. Consult with your veterinarians Wake Forest NC for a diagnosis and treatment options. 


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