Tips For Dealing Positively With Your Pet's Phobias

The goal of addressing your pet’s phobia is by training them that the stimuli that trigger their fear can be associated with a positive experience like their favorite treats or some positive reinforcement from you. 

When dealing with this situation, you need to avoid comforting or petting them or giving them their favorite treats as this will only reinforce this fearful or anxious behavior. 

But before being able to train them, first, you must be able to point out what’s triggering their fear, and after you identify it, try your best to avoid having your pup around when the trigger factor is present. The next step is to help them acclimatize to that stimulus This might take a long time, but for a majority of cases, if their phobia is not at an extreme level and with your perseverance and patience as their trainer, this type of training works.

A visit to your pet clinic Peterborough, ON can help establish the underlying cause so appropriate measures can be undertaken to address the problem.


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