Hormone-Fueled Behavior Of Male Dogs

There are certain masculine behaviors displayed by intact male dogs. This is due to the sex hormone of males which is testosterone and these behaviors start once they reach puberty. If you do not want to deal with these behaviors, you should have your dog neutered. These behaviors include aggression and dominance which are fueled by testosterone. Testosterone is also the reason for developing the secondary sex characteristics in males as well as his libido during mating season. Another behavior included is marking and claiming a specific territory by spraying his urine in the area. 

Neutering your male dog, however, is not a guarantee that these behaviors will go away. It is observed that even in neutered dogs, they continue to exhibit the aforementioned behaviors. It would be best that you would observe your pet closely for any factors that may influence him to act in a certain way so that you can address the behavior if it becomes a problem. To learn more about what behaviors are considered as bad or unusual, consult with a vet Peterborough, ON for advice.


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