How To Help Improve Your Pet Cat's Appetite

Your pet cat must meet her daily dietary requirements. However, some cat species are predisposed to be picky eaters. So if your cat normally has a good appetite, you should be concerned if she starts to change the frequency of her food intake. Continuous loss of appetite may lead to liver problems for your cat later. 

To help your cat regain her appetite, you can do the following: 

  • Check the ingredients of the food, especially if you are using a new brand. Your cat could be reacting to the ingredients in the food by being hypersensitive or intolerant of the taste 
  • Understanding the reason for your cat’s aversion to food. It’s possible that your cat could be remembering previous instances when she was forced to eat the same food even if she was not feeling well 
  • Introduce a new taste or new food for variety 

If these steps are not enough, you can visit your vet clinic Peterborough, ON for other ways to address the issue.


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