Bonding With A Bearded Dragon

If you're interested in adopting a reptile, you may want to consider getting a bearded dragon. These pretty lizards are quite easy keepers. They're also really cute, and are much more personable than many reptiles. Some even like to cuddle with their humans!

Of course, like any pet, you'll enjoy your animal companion more if you are building a strong bond with it. But how does one bond with a dragon? 

The key is to get your pet to associate good things with you. Talk to your lizard, hold it, pet it, and, of course, hand feed it treats. Your dragon will also enjoy taking a bath, or just getting out of its habitat for some supervised exploration.

While your beardie may never give you purrs or tail wags, it may become quite affectionate in its own way, once it realizes you’re giving it great care.

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