Does Your Exotic Pet Display Submissive Behaviors?

Your exotic pet is still part of a social hierarchy among its kind. If your pet is the timid type, chances are it will defer to those with a dominant behavior. And you might notice that it will show submissive behavior when in the presence of the dominant one. 

Here are the common submissive behaviors of some species of exotic pets: 

  • When a submissive bearded dragon encounters the dominant one, it will puff up or circularly wave its arms. 
  • A degu with a submissive behavior lies on its back to show its belly. Learn from this behavior. If your pet degu keeps biting you, show your dominance by putting it on its back so it will learn to behave. 
  • Ferrets show their dominance by forcing the submissive on their back. You can use this knowledge to show your dominance over your pet ferret. Hold your pet on its back so it will stop being aggressive towards you. 

If you have concerns about your pet’s health and/or behavior, talk to your vet Tipp City, OH.


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