Why Reptiles Won't Make Excellent Pets For Small Kids

Unlike our regular pets, cats, and dogs, reptiles require special care due to their exotic nature. Various cases of salmonella outbreaks were reported to be traced back to having close contact with reptiles accompanied by poor sanitation and hygiene. It is best to avoid your children to handle your pet reptiles while teaching your older children about your pet’s behavior and needs before you allow them to handle or keep it. 

Reptiles, in general, have a longer lifespan which is about 10 to 20 years so the potential owner should ask themselves if they will be able to commit to such a journey, especially to think about if he will be able to meet the needs of these exotic creatures. If your older children are ready to care for and handle your pet reptile, supervise them and do not leave them alone so you can give them assistance whenever it’s needed. 

Exotic pets, like reptiles and amphibians, will also benefit from regular health and wellness checks at a vet hospital Rowan County, NC. Click this website Small Animal Medicine & Surgery for more details.


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