Should I Let My Dog Eat Grass?

Plenty of dogs decide to chow down on grass every once in a while. You might have even seen your dog do this yourself. Let’s take a closer look at this odd behavior in dogs and explain why it happens and whether or not you should allow it. 

No one knows for sure why dogs eat grass, but there are several possibilities. Dogs may simply like the texture of grass, and they are omnivores and can derive some nutrition from plants. Many believe dogs eat grass to make themselves throw up, perhaps to alleviate an upset stomach. It’s also possible that a dog eats grass because they’re seeking out nutrition they’re not getting from their diet. That’s why it’s important to make sure your dog is fed a high-quality, nutritionally balanced diet. 

If your dog is eating grass frequently, you’ll want to consult your pet clinic Savannah, GA for help.

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