Fighting Fleas In Pets

Fleas are annoying parasites that thrive in the immediate environment. While they irritate humans, they can cause severe illnesses in pets as well. Here are some essential tips to prevent a flea infestation in pets. 

Pet owners should regularly bring pets to the veterinarian for flea prevention. Veterinarians develop a year-round flea prevention plan with treatments usually occurring more than once. Prescribed medications against fleas are available in both topical (such as shampoo, spray, or powder) or oral (such as chewable). Flea collars also assist in preventing flea infection temporarily. 

Having clean surroundings is also essential in getting rid of fleas. Regular washing of pet linens, frequent vacuuming of carpets and floors, and washing pet toys and accessories are ways to avoid fleas. If the fleas keep on coming back in case of heavy infestation, it is best to get help from a pest control professional. 

Talk to your vet Seminole FL about the best way to protect your pet from fleas and other parasites.


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