Dental Care Tips For Pets

The habit of brushing your pet’s teeth should start while he is still young. This way you will be able to establish a dental hygiene routine. You can start by providing positive reinforcement whenever you will brush his teeth then he will learn how to tolerate brushing. A gradual introduction would help avoid negative reactions from your cat or dog.

Using a toothpaste, apply it in a little amount and have him taste and smell it. Flavored toothpaste could help so that your pet will like them. Using a human’s toothpaste is not advisable as it could have substances that could be harmful to your cat or dog.

Starting from the gums, brush gently in clean smooth strokes from the top to the bottom. Brushing twice a day is considered ideal but, if you do not have the time, twice or once a week of brushing should suffice.

To learn more about your pet’s needs, talk to a professional vet Flat Rock, NC.


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