Tips To Deal With Hairball Issues In Cats

Due to a cat’s grooming habits, they are prone to form hairballs in their stomachs. While most of these ingested hairs come out together with the feces, some of it could form a clump inside his digestive tract and could become a barrier preventing efficient passage of food.

To prevent these hairballs from forming in the stomach of your pet, here are some tips:

● Brush the hair coat of your pet daily. This habit does not cost any money yet it is one of the most efficient ways of preventing hairball formation. There are various types of brushes and combs to choose from and each of them has its purpose.

● Cat food with high fiber content could help in promoting a better and more efficient food passage along the alimentary tract.

● Kitty grass can be an excellent source of fiber. You can get it from your local pet store. Some of them are from pre-grown containers while others can be grown from the seeds.

Frequent problems associated with hairballs should be brought to the attention of your vet Ellicott City, MD. Click here to know more.


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