How Well Do You Know Your Cat ?

What do you think is the ‘standard’ or ‘normal’ for your cat? Grooming, interaction, and close observation must be conducted daily for you to be able to have a grasp about what is ‘normal’ for your cat. Having this idea of normal in your mind will help you be more attuned to changes or any out of ordinary behavior or events involving your pet. Some things that you should look out for are the following:

  • Eating habits and appetite
  • It might be a warning sign that something is off if your cat used to have a healthy appetite then suddenly lost interest in the food. Skipping more than 2 meals warrants a visit to your animal hospital especially if this loss of appetite is just one of the many symptoms he is showing.
  • Level of activity — Lethargy or sudden depression from a usually energetic cat is a sign that he is not feeling well.
  • Grooming habits — A cat has a daily habit of grooming. A sick cat could stop grooming and the hair coat could appear lifeless and dull.

Regular wellness checks of your pet at a professional vet clinic Eau Claire WI  can go a long way in keeping him healthy and happy.


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