Can Dogs Like the Beagle Eat Real Meat?

Dogs are carnivores, however, that does not mean they can handle meat especially if they’ve been on a steady diet of dry or wet dog food all of their life. You should definitely ask your vet before giving your Beagle or other breed canine any kind of meat. Typically, dogs are OK with eating small amounts of raw beef for a treat every now and then. If your vet gives you the OK to give your dog raw beef, be careful on the amount and how often. Your dog may develop diarrhea or vomit if given large portions. Some experts believe chicken and pork should not be fed to dogs as it may cause illness due to the presence of bacteria. If you do feed your Beagle chicken or pork make sure it is thoroughly cooked first. In most cases it is best to stick with your dog’s usual food and treats. Learn more from your vet Murrieta, CA.


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