Can Dogs Like the Boxer Develop Seizures?

Did you know that dogs like the Boxer and other breeds can develop health conditions like epilepsy? Epilepsy and other disorders causing seizures is a common occurrence in cats and dogs. Generally, epilepsy can cause animals to have sudden, uncontrollable seizures. These seizures are most often recurring and may or may not cause the animal to pass out. If your Boxer is suffering from seizures, contact your vet immediately. Some experts believe seizures are an “uncoordinated firing of neurons” within the cerebrum portion of the brain. The reasons for this are unknown; however, it is thought that the neurotransmitters are not in a “proper chemical balance” causing uncoordinated activity. Boxers suffering from epilepsy may have periodic occurrences of the uncoordinated neuron firings, which are known as seizures, convulsions, or even fits. You will need to set up an examination with your vet clinic Murrieta, CA to determine causes of the seizures and possible treatment options for your dog.


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