Registering a Dog Like the Bichon Locally

Did you know that many cities, towns, and states to require a general registration of all pets for general population purposes? Ask your vet about the requirements for registering your Bichon Frise or other canines in your particular area. For instance, some states require all dogs to be registered with their local town and/or county. Registration may include simply going to the town clerk’s office and completing a form or having your vet mail in a certificate stating your dog is compliant with all required vaccinations. In some counties and towns, your dog receives a registration application or certificate when he receives his rabies shot. A copy of that certificate or completed registration is then sent to the appropriate office. A fee may or may not be required. In addition, your Bichon Frise may be required to wear county or town issued ID and registration tags. Talk to your veterinary clinic Oconomowoc, WI for more information.


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