Some Bird Owners Share Traits with Birds

Did you know that birds and their owners tend to share similar characteristics the more time they spend together? For example, birds often mimic or copy other birds as well as their owners. You may have noticed that your bird has developed a few of your habits such as talking to himself or singing during the morning hours. Likewise, you may have picked up a few similar traits from your bird as well. For instance, if you have a talking bird that tends to greet everyone with a “Hi, how are you” you may have noticed that you’ve started using the same phrase. Or, if your bird sings a certain melody continuously then you may notice yourself humming a similar tune throughout the day. Birds may also adapt themselves to their owner’s schedule. If you sleep during the day and work at night then your bird may adjust his routine to match yours. Click for more details or contact your veterinary clinic Fayetteville, NC.


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