Why Your Dog Should Acknowledge You As Pack Leader

Canines tend to be more confident when they are aware of their position in the pack. Dogs that are more confident tend to be easier to train. So how can you make sure that your pooch acknowledges you as the pack leader? It’s all about consistency; being consistent in keeping your pet in check, reinforcing desired behaviors, as well as nipping problem behaviors in the bud. A pack leader’s job is to keep all things in order, keeping them in proper behavior, and setting the rules. Dogs must also recognize their leader for their guidance as well as protection. Pack leaders have the job of keeping the dog pack intact and overseeing their activities and behavior. Alpha leaders should show confidence and determination in dominating the pack. They should also set rules and impose the right and bad behavior. Dogs tend to wrestle away the pack leadership when they see that their pack leaders do not exude a level of confidence and leadership. 

If you have concerns about your pet’s behavior, make an appointment with your animal clinic Marietta, GA. 


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