Why Does Your Cat Talk So Much?

Cats are like humans, too. They can be noisy and talkative. So when you notice that your cat makes a lot of noise, your cat may simply be a talkative one. Here are some reasons why your cat tends to talk a lot:

● When your cat makes a chirping noise using its teeth, he may be showing the frustration of being unable to go outside to chase birds. Remember that your cat still has predator instincts even if he is domesticated. 

● Some cat breeds are generally noisy, compared to others. If you are taking care of an Oriental, Siamese, or any other breeds originating from Asia you can be sure to hear a lot of noise from your cat.

● When they are upset, they will vocalize. For instance, any changes in the routine or unwanted journeys will cause displeasure. So expect to hear from your cat.

But if you notice that your cat continues to be more vocal than usual, you can go to your animal hospital Marietta, GA for a check-up. Schedule an appointment today!


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