Dog Pet Owners as Alpha Leaders

A dog operates and feels secure in a hierarchical setup. Dogs, by nature, are pack animals. They seek a leader they know can lead and protect them. Before domestication, assertive and dominant dogs become the alpha or pack leaders. In the household, pet owners should assume as alpha leaders. If you let your dog take over as the alpha, you will have a hard time disciplining your dog. Establishing yourself as an alpha leader means you always have to be assertive, firm, and consistent. If you fail to show your dominance, your dog will instinctively assume the pack leader position because of its desire to maintain the pack’s social hierarchy. Dogs follow the commands of their alpha leaders as a way of showing their respect and loyalty. For pet owners, disciplining a dog is a challenge. However, if your dog considers you the alpha leader, your dog will become a good follower. 

Any concerns that you may have about your pet’s behavior should require a visit to your vet clinic Greater Cincinnati.


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