Possible Causes of Bloat in Dogs Like the Pug

If you own a dog like the Pug and you’re not familiar with canine bloat, please talk with your vet to learn about the condition and how to recognize it so treatment can be sought immediately. If you suspect your Pug has bloat call your vet or emergency vet center immediately. Bloat is also known as Gastric-Volvulus and happens when unusual amounts of air, fluid, gas, food or even foam forms in the stomach. The pressure can cause the stomach to swell, which in turn blocks blood flow to vital organs such as the heart. It can lead to low blood pressure, shock and even organ damage. The most general causes of bloat are stress, hereditary genes, temperament that causes stress, anxiety or aggression, eating habits such as elevated food bowls, rapid eating, eating of the wrong diet, eating gassy foods, drinking too much too quickly, deep and narrow build of chest, etc. Consult with your veterinarians San Antonio, TX for further details.  


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