Removing Tear Stains In Dogs

Tear stains are the reddish, dark brown stain located under a dog’s eye. This is the result of excessive tears that form on a dog’s face. This stain can be a little tricky for pet owners to manage since many owners do not know that the fungi (red yeast) and bacteria grow on the stain path producing the reddish-brown color. Musty odor also emanates from the stain. Proper management of tear stains is vital for dogs. Cleaning the stains will not be enough to stop them from forming. To properly address the problem, owners must recognize the main root and its treatment. Causes of these tear stains vary from infected tear ducts, lashes that cause irritation in the eyes, and excessive tearing. You can manage your dog’s tear stain at home by washing its face using soap and water numerous times a week to eliminate the stain. Blow-drying will also dry the hair immediately. Careful washing of the face will prevent soap from getting in the eye that would worsen the problem.

A visit to your animal clinic Lewisville, TX can also help establish the root of the problem so it can be addressed properly.


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