Common Submissive Behaviors In Exotic Pets

Social hierarchies exist among different species of exotic animals. Some exhibit less dominant behavior and they are the ones that show signs of submissive behavior towards the dominant member in their group. 

Common submissive behaviors include the following:


Dominant ferrets force submissive ones to lie down on their back. If your ferret starts displaying this behavior, hold it by its scruff and lay them down on its back to show who's the leader of their group to avoid developing aggressive behaviors. 


Degus show submission by also lying on their backs, exposing their bellies. So if you have a degu that starts showing signs of aggression such as nipping or biting, try placing it on its back and lock it carefully in that position until it stops struggling. 

Bearded Dragons

Bearded dragons show their submissive behavior by waving its arm in a circular motion or by puffing up when facing a dominant one. 

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