Why Animal Rights Groups Condemn Tethering Of Dogs

Tethering is a way of limiting a dog’s mobility by tying its leash to a strong, solid anchor. Dogs that are not trained to be tethered will end up struggling, biting their leash, and barking loudly in an attempt to get off their leash. And this might result in them getting injured and entangled. Many pet owners tether their dogs to secure or restrain them temporarily because this helps prevent them from getting into dangerous situations. This can also prevent them from running away especially when you are away from home. Many farmers also practice this method with their working dogs. It is best to train them to get accustomed to being tethered while they are still puppies but it is best to only tether them temporarily or when necessary. You should never leave dogs alone that were never trained with being tethered to avoid any possible negative outcome even for just a short period. Your pet will benefit from regular health and wellness checks at your animal hospital New Orleans, LA. Visit this link to learn more:


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