Can Dogs Eat Real Meat?

Just because your Boxer or other breed canine is a carnivore it does not mean he can handle real meat. For instance, if your dog is on a steady and consistent diet of wet or dry dog food then switching him over to real meat or feeding him large amounts of real meat could make him sick. In general, many dogs (including Boxers) are OK with eating small amounts of raw beef for a treat every now and then. If your vet gives you the OK to give your Boxer raw beef, be careful on the amount and how often. Your Boxer may develop diarrhea or vomit if given large portions. If you give your Boxer chicken be sure it’s cooked thoroughly. Your vet may recommend boiling chicken before giving small portions to your dog as a treat. Always consult your animal hospital Davie, FL before giving your dog any kind of new meat. Read more here.


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