How to Create a Calm and Safe Environment for Your Cat

Having a calm and safe environment will be good for your pet cat. This will benefit them both physically and emotionally and will promote positive well-being. So how can you provide this ideal environment to your feline pet? Here are some recommendations: 

  • Use calming products that you can find in your local pet store. Some products can be used with a diffuser. Your cats can smell these because their sense of smell is highly sensitive. These are also guaranteed to give a calming effect to your pet. 
  • Give them chew items that contain stress-busting chemicals. If chewing gum can help calm human nerves, it’s also possible that chewable supplements will work the same way for our cats. 
  • Provide food and drinks to all your pets. If you are taking care of more than one pet cat, make sure that you provide them with adequate food, drinks, litter boxes, scratching posts, sleeping space, and all other essential items. In this way, your pets won’t be stressed out if they have to compete with the other pets to meet their essential needs. 
  • Provide regular physical and mental stimulation 

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