Chinchilla Behavior Problems

Chinchillas can learn and be trained to get comfortable around humans although negative interactions and little to no exposure around people can develop their antisocial behavior, and such behavior includes biting and urine spraying. 

Chinchillas usually nibble humans to show their acceptance of and affection towards us, but you should learn how to distinguish this from pressure biting, which they sometimes do to get their owner’s attention. But when they get stressed or agitated, they tend to bite harder which can penetrate your skin. And some can become persistent biters which is a negative behavior that should be corrected immediately. 

Female chinchillas bursting with energy usually commit urine spraying. They have the capability to hit their target reaching up to a couple of feet. Being exposed to environmental threats and stressors can trigger this negative behavior and if this persists, it is best to start finding ways to address this problem. 

Any sign of illness should be brought to the attention of your vet clinic Dahlonega GA.


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