Grooming Your Dog to Get Rid of Pet Hair in Your Home

There are many reasons to groom your dog. It’s a great way to keep him clean, which means he will smell nice. It is also a good way to make him more comfortable, if he tends to get really hot in the summer. There’s another reason to groom your dog—to get rid of pet hair in your home!

The right brush is key. A soft bristle brush is good at taking dead hair off the top of your dog’s coat, but it won’t get at the undercoat. If your dog has fine, fluffy hair under his top coat, you really need to get a deshedding tool.

The more your dog sheds, the more often you will have to brush him. If you want to stay on top of the pet hair in your home, you will have to brush him at least once every day or two.

Your Greensboro, NC veterinary clinic can help you groom your dog!


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