Phobias In Pets

Thunderstorms can often bring stress to a lot of pet owners who have dogs that become anxious when thunder rumbles and the skies are dark. Some dogs could also be afraid of unfamiliar animals, strange people and places, as well as loud noises. The phobias and fears your pet could have might be more common than what you might think. A dog’s fear can be triggered by various factors. Fear of being in strange situations and a potential predator could result in an instinctive response from your pet. Due to a lack of proper training and socialization, a dog may not be able to adapt to a different environment and people. He may grow into his senior years unable to deal properly with different situations. Temperament might also come into play about how your dog reacts to or shows fear. This is impacted by upbringing and heredity. Specific situations may cause a dog to show fear if there has been a negative experience associated with it in the past. 

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