How Common Are Phobias In Pets?

Thunderstorms are one of the many stressful situations for some dogs who often get nervous and agitated when the thunder rolls. Dogs can also be scared of loud sounds, unfamiliar places and people, and even other animals.

Unbeknownst to us, phobias and fear are fairly typical in dogs than most people might think of.

This fear or phobia can be triggered by different or unusual factors. One is that it might be in their instinct whenever they perceive any potential predators nearby or when they are in an unfamiliar environment or situation. Dogs that lack social interactions may not be able to deal properly with different environments or people every time.

Their temperament may also be a huge factor and this is because it is influenced not only by heredity but also by their upbringing. Dogs learn to fear particular situations especially if this has caused them some trauma in the past. 

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