Moving With Pets - Tips For Moving Day

Moving day takes a lot of preparation. Plus, you should also consider your pets’ well-being. If you have a pet cat or dog, you should know that they have different needs with the changes that they will encounter. Dogs can easily adapt to a new environment, owing to their social nature. Cats, on the other hand, may take some time to adjust. Some cats may become stressed when placed in new and unfamiliar surroundings. They might even get stressed when they see that their owner is busy with the preparations for moving out of the house. You may notice that your cat will act up by becoming aloof and withdrawn. On the other hand, your cat might become overly affectionate and clingy. The changes in your cat’s behavior are manifestations of the stress brought about by the impending move.

Make sure your pet’s health and vaccination records are up-to-date before the move by visiting your veterinarian Acupuncture


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