Teaching Your Dog To Have His Feet Handled

Does your dog hate having his feet touched? This may be cute and comical, but it's also a bit of a problem, as it can make it hard for you to clip your pet's claws or apply paw balm.

Start by teaching your canine companion that he will get a yummy treat for letting you handle his paws. Use high-quality snacks, like a little bit of steak. This will really help your dog form a positive association with getting his feet touched. You can then start running a set of clippers over your furry friend's claws. You don't need to cut yet. Just let him get used to the sound and sensation for now.

If you notice your dog limping, or see any other issues that could indicate a paw injury, such as swelling or bleeding, contact your pet clinic in Goodyear, AZ. Paw injuries are definitely not something you should take lightly.


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