Is It OK To Bathe Cats ?

Unlike dogs, cats should only be given baths when necessary. Cats require bathing to get rid of their distinct odor but cats may only need thorough washing and cleaning if they encounter a skunk or if they get into anything smelly which they could not get rid of by cleaning by themselves. However, there are also some benefits that they might get when regularly cleaning their ears because it is certain that they are not able to reach this body part to clean. Mites can be present in their ears that can cause irritation and itchiness, which then results in constantly scratching that area. This could only lead to infection or injury. Some parts are hard to reach for them to clean especially when they get older because they become less flexible or they might have pain in their joints. And this is where they need you to assist them in keeping their body clean. 

Any sign of illness should be brought to the attention of your veterinarians Gresham OR.


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