Designer Dogs

Designer dogs are all the rage nowadays. These dogs are bred using a combination of two purebred dogs. However, they are not considered mutts. Mutts are also the result of a combination of breeds but from questionable ancestries. It is hard to know the eventual size, look or temperament of mutts. With designer dogs, the characteristics of each breed are well documented. The results of these breed combinations are more reliable than in mutts. However, absolute certainty is not guaranteed. Your designer dog may favor one of the breeding partners over the other. Thus when adopting a designer dog, research the characteristics of both breeding partners to ensure that both will work well in your household. There is no assurance that breeding two designer dogs with each other will produce consistent results either. The larger gene pool in designer dogs provides more protection from genetic anomalies than with purebred dogs. Contact your vet Norwalk, CA to learn more.


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