Vegetarian Cats May Fail To Thrive

Meat is an important component of a cat’s diet since they are identified as true carnivores. If a cat has been given a plant-based or vegetarian diet, the cat would not receive an adequate amount of nutrients that it needs to thrive. Some of the essential building blocks are missing in vegetarian diets which makes this diet unfit for felines. Taurine, an amino acid that is abundant in meat is lacking in a vegetarian diet. This amino acid cannot be synthesized by cats which is why they have to acquire taurine from their daily food intake. Low levels of taurine in their system can lead them to develop serious medical conditions. Pet owners should weigh the consequences of feeding their cats an exclusively vegetarian diet and be wary of its effects on their feline friend. A cat’s diet is different from other animals. Pet owners should keep in mind that felines’ needs are specific to their kind. Therefore, they should not be given a dog’s ration or a plant-based diet which could be detrimental to the cat’s health. Consult a veterinarian Portland OR to understand the nutritional needs of your pet.


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