What Your Dog Wishes You To Know

No matter how long you have been with your dog, there are still some juicy tidbits about your pet that you may not be aware of. Understanding what these are could help you improve your perspective of them and learn how to better care for them:

Spinning around before eliminating

A study on dogs’ behavior showed that dogs would avoid east-west alignment when defecating and prefers the north-south alignment.

Preferences in beds

If you notice that your dog likes to curl up, he might be more suited to a bumper bed. If a dog sleeps with his legs straight out, a flat bed will suit him just fine. 

Wagging his tail may not be a friendly gesture

When a dog is wagging his tail but the ears are pulled back, pupils dilated, and the face is tensed, it could indicate that a dog is not feeling welcoming or friendly.

If you notice any unusual or uncommon behavior, consult with your veterinarian Leesburg, VA. For more information, visit website


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