How Concussions Are Treated In Dogs

When a dog suffers from a concussion, immediate treatment must be done to avoid serious complications. In treating traumatic brain injuries, medical experts must first know the severity of the case and the symptoms being shown by the dog. They must prioritize the breathing of the dog; they must ensure that there will be no blockage in the dog’s airway. Dogs suffering from concussions will also need a consistent oxygen supply in their brain. Their brains must also be treated if there are signs of inflammation and swelling. Administration of intravenous fluids is also necessary to prevent fluid-electrolyte imbalance. Dogs who are having seizures must be given anticonvulsants. Monitoring of the animal’s blood pressure must always be done regularly. 

Asymptomatic patients and patients who develop the symptoms overtime must be put under observation in a clinic. Dogs who are treated for the injury still need to attend a regular check-up for monitoring. Strenuous exercise must refrain at all times. A blow at your dog’s head must be immediately checked by your veterinarians Derby.


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