Keeping Your Maine Coon Cat out of the Garden

If you’re a cat owner (whether a Maine Coon or another breed) then you may already be familiar with how hard it is to keep your cat or even your neighbor’s cat out. Talk to your vet if you’re having trouble keeping your cat out of your garden. Your vet can tell you that most cats love to play and dig in the dirt. Cats especially love to take advantage of the freshly cleaned litter box also known as your flower bed. Some cats even enjoy eating the flowers or simply digging them up for fun. Many cat owners have found that citrus will deter their cats from the garden. For instance, take the peels of an orange or lemon and scatter them in your garden under or above the soil. The scent should keep your cats out. Others have used small rocks to cover the soil as well. Need more help? Consult with your veterinary clinic Webster, NY. Or click this website All Cats Care Center.


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