Tips For Assisting Pregnant Cattle During Winter

Pregnant cattle require some special treatment and attention especially during cold weather brought about by the winter season. They need to be treated with utmost care with the unpredictable conditions and sudden dips in temperature. Their necessities such as food and water should be readily available to keep them healthy. Their daily nutritional requirements should be met. If the cattle you're raising get pregnant at the same time, they should be separated and kept in individual paddocks to easily monitor their respective status as they draw closer to their calving dates. Distribution of food and water would also be easier in this manner. 

Other ways to make cows comfortable include:

● Udder cream can be applied to sore and crack skin for symptom relief

● Sandbeds and sloped water beds can provide comfort to resting cows and reduce the stress from weight-bearing joints primarily the knees

● Cow bedding should be made of absorbent and comfortable material

● Space should be designated for feeding and resting

Visit your pet clinic Westminster, MD to know about vaccinations, wormers, and any nutritional supplements that would be beneficial for your cattle before the winter months arrive.


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