Obesity In Cats Can Be Alarming

The continued rise of overly fat cats has been reported over the years, such that some pet doctors have considered it an epidemic. In almost all instances, pet owners are unaware of their cat's extra weight gain until it is quite obvious visually or when picking them up, since all the added weight is slow albeit regular. Most don't even know until the veterinarian tells them during their visit. Cat obesity has serious consequences. Like humans, corrective actions are necessary to arrest the condition from getting worse. However, starving cats to push that weight down fast is unhealthy and traumatic. A strict cat diet that lowers the daily caloric consumption while increasing water and fiber is best; and paired with a more active lifestyle for your cat. Visit your vet clinic Tampa, FL to get the best weight loss tips and have a tailor-fit weight loss program for your fur baby. Visit their site to know more.


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