Causes Of Runny Nose In Dogs

Many pet owners become anxious and worried whenever their pet starts to have a runny nose. This is truly understandable but there are other reasons beyond contracting a serious illness when your dog has a runny nose. One could be they got too excited and another could be upper respiratory tract infection and sometimes it could lead to a more serious medical disorder. 

Watery discharge — Dogs get anxious, and when they do, some start having runny noses. Normally, nasal discharge should be clear and wet, and this appears once they calm down, although if this goes one for days, it is best to have them checked by their vet. 

Allergies — Dogs also can get allergies from their environment; this could be a cause of their nasal discharge. 

Infections — A dog could also have a runny nose because of viral or bacterial infections like distemper and kennel cough.

Any sign of illness exhibited by your pet should warrant a call to your animal hospital Tampa FL


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