Lizard Myth: All Lizards have Legs

Are you are a lizard owner or a lizard lover? You may have heard a few myths and misconceptions about lizards as pets and lizards in general. One of the more popular myths or rumors about lizards is that all lizards have legs. Some lizards; however, do not have legs. For example, the European legless lizard, the California legless lizard, and the Eastern glass snake/slender legless lizard do not have legs. Most of these lizards favor snakes or worms because of their legless shape. They tend to live in areas that simply don’t require legs to move across the terrain. The guide is a large and diverse family of lizards native to the northern hemisphere. There are over 94 species of lizards in this particular family. Some of them have legs while others do not. Find out more about lizards here or give your veterinary clinic Oshawa, ON a call.


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