Weepy Eyes in Labrador Retrievers

If you notice that your Labrador retriever’s eyes are runny or weepy with the clear or cloudy liquid you should call your vet and set up a check-up. Your Labrador’s eyes could be watery or runny for a number of reasons. If your dog has a clear discharge from his eyes then it’s probably due to allergies or something in the air such as dust. A mucus discharge from the eye may suggest that a foreign body such as an eyelash or a small piece of trash has found its way into your dog’s eye. If this is the case, make sure you call your vet right away so that the object can be safely removed. Dogs can also get conjunctivitis in the eye from an allergy, injury, birth defect, tear duct problem, or in rare cases tumors. Ask your animal hospital Newmarket, ON about treatment including antibiotics, pain medicine, saline washes, or even surgery.


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