Types of Hound Dogs

Do you love hunting? If so, you might want to get a hound dog as a pet and sidekick, because hunters love bringing hound dogs with them during hunting expeditions. Hound dogs can help hunters in the catching as well as chasing game. Hound dogs are prized and popular for their extraordinary hearing and smelling abilities. Aside from that, hunters love hound dogs because of their insatiable energy as well as good temperament in terms of chasing a scent. There are two varied types of hound dogs; they are the sighthounds and the scenthounds.


The sighthound group includes whippets, Salukis, as well as greyhounds. Sighthounds have an extraordinary vision that helps them find game.


Scenthounds, as the name suggests, are prized for their extraordinary smelling abilities. The scenthound group includes bloodhounds as well as beagles, among others. They can follow a scent trail for long distances in various situations even through rugged terrains or bodies of water.

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