Showing Your Abyssinian Guinea Pig

When it comes to preparing your guinea pig for a show there are many resources you can tap for guidance and direction. If you’re going to show professionally then you may want to register with the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA), which also includes guinea pigs. The ARBA recognizes thirteen breeds of guinea pigs or cavies. Make sure you sign up for the class that is specifically for your Abyssinian guinea pig breed. In addition, classes are broken down by age and weight. There are three age classes: Senior (over 6 months), Intermediate (4 to 6 months), and Junior (under 4 months). There are also weight limits. Seniors are over 32 ounces. Intermediates are over 22 ounces with a max of 32 ounces. Juniors are a minimum of 12 ounces and a maximum of 22 ounces. Always double check your cavy’s weight before entering a class. Consult with your veterinarians Cy-Fair ahead of time if needed.


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